Dokudami Toner

Recommended for those who want to make the skin beautiful is the skin permeable skin care set of the flowers of the grass. It is an item that will reborn the bare skin by removing the damage accumulated on the skin. Both SB fermentor that separates old horny matter directly and Amino TG which moisturizes by increasing the power of the enzyme that the skin has originally are blended.

If you take a case of your skin with the skin flower skin permeation skin care set, the turnover will be normalized, so vitality of the skin will come back. The old horn also falls off cleanly, so the face will also become thin. Troubles such as conspicuous pores and dullness can also be avoided. This item is recommended for those who want to keep the skin beautiful.

■ Grasshopper Fruit Dokumi

Recommended for those who want to acne care is the Dokido of the grasshopper. We will take care of acne with 3 types of soap, lotion and beauty essence. Facial cleansing soap containing Djodami removes old horny and excess sebum without a burden.

After washing your face with facial cleansing soap, lotion will come in. The medicinal ingredients contained in the lotion-containing lotion prevents acne and leads to smooth skin. It is a feature of the flower tree fruit dog that it is possible to make beautiful skin while caring for acne. Finally, serum. This essence creates skins that make acne impossible. Besides that, because it also has a beautiful skin effect, it will return the tone of the darkened skin to normal by acne. It is a recommended item for those who are suffering from acne and who want to prevent acne.

■ Grasshopper Freshwater Green Tea

I would like to encourage people who are facing difficulties as soon as they make up their makeup, which is a grass flower trees green tea. Green tea skin care removes excess sebum cleanly. Many cosmetics that remove sebum are sold, but most of it removes necessary sebum. However, the grasshopper tree fruit green tea leaves the necessary sebum, it only takes out excess sebum, so it does not affect the barrier function of the skin.

If you care with a beauty essence containing green tea extract, you can get three of stickiness, greasy control, whitening effect. Since sebum which was excessively secreted so far is suppressed, the number of makeup collapse will be fewer, and the skin will not be deceived. If skin is getting out of hand as soon as make-up collapses, let’s try skin care using grass flower trees green tea.

■ Grasshoppers Kinzu Yuzu

I would like to encourage people who are in need of dry skin and tightness of the skin and there is a grass flower tree fruit Yuzu. Yuzu’s moisture power and collagen’s power make it moist and moisturizing skin with elasticity and elasticity.

The collagen that is mixed penetrates the inside of the skin and supports the epidermis with a shock. For that reason, it will quickly turn around even for the skin with lost elasticity. It will be resolved if you care for slackening of your chin and cheek saga with grass, flowers and trees and yuzu. In addition, since moisturizing ingredients are also blended abundantly, skin quality can be expected for people with dry skin.

■ Grasshopper Mino Momomugi

I want to recommend to people with ultra-dry skin that skin will become rough even with a small stimulus Wormworm of the grass and flower tree fruit. With a moist veil that has a nice touch, it enhances barrier function and moisturizes moisturized skin. All the items of Momo Usagi are weakly acidic.

Because the stimulus of cosmetics is weak, there is no need to stress the skin with skin care. Since cleansing effect is high despite less irritation, it is possible to improve the skin quality without hurting the skin. There are many cases where the stratum corneum is disturbed on sensitive skin, but if you do skin care with the flower wood shiro mimo, the stratum corneum will be arranged and become fine texture. Let’s try to care for those who respond to your skin even with a small amount of stimulus using the wood flower wormworm.