2016 election: Republicans win a majority in both houses of the state; Stumbo loses; a participation rate of nearly 60%

The big news for the 2016 election is that Republicans now have a majority in the Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate.

The other big news is that the turnout was almost 60%.

Longtime powerhouse rep Greg Stumbo, Democratic Speaker of the House, lost his race to newcomer Larry Brown. Stumbo had served in the House for over 30 years. Democrats have held a majority in the House since 1921.

A number of key Democrats in eastern Kentucky have fallen to their Republican opponents.

Larry brown

In the race for the US Senate, outgoing Republican Rand Paul (57%) won hands down over his Democratic challenger, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray (42%).

In the US House races, incumbent Republican President Andy Barr (61%) won over Democratic challenger Nancy Jo Kemper (38%); Republican incumbent Thomas Massie (71%) took his seat against his challenger, Democrat Calvin Sidle (28%); former state agriculture commissioner James Comer (72%) defeated Democratic opponent Samuel Gaskins (27%); and Democratic incumbent John Yarmuth defeated Republican challenger Harold Bratcher.

Outgoing 17th District senator Damon Thayer (67%) easily retained his seat despite a challenge from Democrat Charlie Hoffman (32%).

“Tonight is a big night for the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” said US Senator Mitch McConnell. “I want to congratulate my friend and colleague in the Senate, Rand Paul, on his resounding victory. I congratulate all of my fellow Republicans in Congress on their victories across the state, and I am happy to welcome Jamie Comer, the new member of the Kentucky Congressional delegation. In a special way, I want to thank our many talented Republican candidates for the Kentucky State House and Senate.

“Until tonight, Kentucky was the last Southern state with at least one Democratic-controlled legislative chamber. Not anymore. By winning the State House and retaining the State Senate, a Republican State Legislature can work with Governor Bevin to truly move our state forward and pass many long-needed common sense reforms that will greatly benefit. to all Kentuckians. It’s a historic victory that will soon be felt throughout the Bluegrass state. “

Statewide, Republican Donald Trump won 62.5% of the vote versus Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 32.7% to win the Kentucky electoral votes.

State House of Representatives

Best throwing races

District 7 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Joy Gray                 7,750
R Rep. Suzanne Miles            13,289

District 8 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Rep. Jeff Taylor	        6,103
R Walker Thomas                 6,577

District 12 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Jim Townsend             8,059
R Rep. Jim Gooch                12,711

District 14 – Recent reports: 100%

D Rep. Tommy Thompson      7,775
R Matt Castlen                  13,554

District 16 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Rep. Martha Jane King    5,262
R Jason Petrie                  10,119

District 23 – Percentage of reporting: 4%
Open seat

D Danny Basil              465
R Steve Riley                   792

District 24 – Percentage of reports: 95%

D Rep. Terry Milla         8,763
R Brandon Reed                  9,865

District 38 – Recent reports: 91%

D McKenzie Cantrell        7,474
R Rep. Denny Butler             7,264

District 62 – Recent reports: 100%

D Rep. Chuck Tackett       9,288
R Phillip Pratt                 12,662

District 74 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D James Davis              8,182
R Rep. David Hale               10,894

District 84 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Rep. Fitz Steele         6,012
R Chris Fugate                  10,278

District 91 – Recent reports: 100%

D Rep. Cluster Howard      6,928
R Toby Herald                   8,650

District 92 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Rep. John Short          7,287
R John Blanton                  7,745

District 94 – Percentage of reports: 100%
Open seat

D Angie Hatton             8,393
R Frankie Justice               8,153

District 95 – Percentage declaring: 98%

D Rep. Greg Stumbo         7,873
R Larry Brown                   8,903

Supreme Court

Percentage of reports: 99%

Glenn Acree                62,510
Larry VanMeter                  178,377

US Senate

Percentage of reports: 98%

D Jim Gray                 797,605
R Sen. Rand Paul                1,064,247

United States House

District 1 – Percentage of reporting: 99%
Open seat

D Samuel L. Gaskins        80,644
R James R. Comer                215,270

District 3 – Percentage of reporting: 99%

D Rep. John Yarmuth        209,972
R Harold Bratcher               120,787

District 4 – Percentage of reporting: 99%

D Calvin Sidle             94,064
R Rep, Thomas Massie            233,922

District 6 – Percentage of reports: 100%

D Nancy Jo Kemper          128,760
R Andy Barr                     202,093

For full status results go to Kentucky State Council of Elections results.

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