#CCSMLK22 Game Recap: JL Chambers vs. Carmel Christian

It was a battle of titans in this one, as two state title contenders looked to end a great day of basketball. Carmel Christian hit the home pitch and hosted JL Chambers and there was certainly no shortage of talent on the pitch. Both teams came looking to make a statement; when it started it was 2023, Jaylen Curry was taking over early, closing in on the line and using his speed to help Chambers take an 18-13 first-quarter lead.

But Carmel Christian came back in the second quarter, hitting some big threes to put them back in the game and take the lead in the second quarter. From then on, both teams made good plays as we were all tied at 33 at halftime.

Carmel Christian came out strong in the second half behind the play of Cade Tyson and 2023 Kaleb Siler, showing a fine inside-out presence that helped give them their first double-digit lead with just under three minutes left in the third. quarter. With Carmel Christian leading going into the fourth, it was Chambers’ defense and guard play that brought them back into the game and eventually regained the lead.

2023 Nick Dorn and company hit some big deep shots to give themselves the last lead. Chambers eventually went up five with 20 seconds left and a late turnover finally sealed the win for them on the road. In the end, JL Chambers won 67-60.

JL: Jaylen Curry 22pts, 5asts / Nick Dorn 12pts / Kendall Smith 9pts, 6asts, 5stls
CCS: Cade Tyson 17pts, 6rebs, 7asts / Kaleb Siler 10pts, 5rebs / Logan Threatt 11pts

Eye-catchers from POB:
Bedrooms :
2023 Jaylen Curry: There wasn’t a player who could stay ahead of Curry, as he was weaving through defense, getting down and to the rim, or reaching the line consistently. With his speed, Curry is such a tough match for any defender and his ability to be a playmaker is why so many HM schools come up to him.

2022 Kendall Smith: Gotta give it to the senior…Smith stepped up, played hard on defense and really had his impact in the second half. He made big plays, scored big baskets and finished well. Really made big baskets in critical moments for his team.

2023 Nick Dorn: Much like Smith, Dorn stepped up when it counted. He knocked down a three in the first half but came to life and delivered several big shots for his team, not least showing his confidence behind the arc.

Carmel Christian:
2022 Cade Tyson: There’s a reason he’s looking to be one of the POY candidates in North Carolina. It took a quarter but Tyson started to come in and let the game come to him. He moves so well off the ball and has a knack for finding open runs and at 6’8, rising just above the defenders. He’s not afraid of the big shot and when he starts playing it seems like the whole team is starting to experience success. And let’s not mention some impressive blocks also in transition.

Kaleb Siler 2023: Siler really started to make his presence known in the second half, capping defenders well, using his body and frame to his advantage and earning formidable position in the paint. This allowed him to show his touch and score easy baskets down low, making a nice upside down presence for this team.

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