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Chambers Academy focuses on building team chemistry and getting in shape during summer training.

Every student participating in a sport is required to participate in these practices.

Athletic Director Jason Allen knows these workouts are important to his programs.

“It’s a time to not only get stronger, but to build trust with your teammates,” Allen said. “They know who they can count on, who is going to be here. We’ve been really successful here because our kids have always shown up to our off-season practices and they have a great attitude.

Chambers being a smaller school, many of their students play multiple sports. The boys’ basketball team is holding play dates in June, but the focus is currently on football.

“We have a lot of dual-sport athletes, even tri-sport athletes,” Allen said. “We try to keep an eye on basketball, but our next sport is football, so that’s our main focus during our summer training.”

Allen doesn’t think his athletes should focus on just one sport when they train, but instead they should focus on their physical fitness.

“It’s important that you stay well balanced,” Allen said. “The main thing we try to accomplish in our summer training is that we try to get stronger and we try to get in better shape.

While other schools choose to have morning or evening practice sessions, Chambers primarily holds afternoon practice sessions.

“It’s always worked really well for us to practice in the afternoon,” Allen said. “A lot of our kids have summer jobs.”

One of the caveats of training in the afternoon during the summer is the heat.

“It’s pretty warm,” Allen said. “A lot of our guys train in the sun all day and then they come in to do those workouts. I tell them that the most important thing is to stay hydrated. You drink plenty of fluids, hopefully water.

Allen also thinks training in the heat helps them prepare for football season as it will still be hot at the start of the season.

“It’s often unbearable,” Allen said. “I want our guys to adapt to it. I think the more you are into it, the more you are able to adapt to your environment.

Chambers will begin fall training for football on August 1 and play his first game against Lee-Scott Academy on August 18.

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