Chambers County voters vote to keep $6 million ad valorem tax – Valley Times-News

Voters in Chambers County headed to the polls on Tuesday and once again showed their support for the $6 million ad valorem tax that has been in place since 2003.

In a vote of 1,365 to 595, the ad valorem tax of 6 million passed.

Turnout on that first ballot was extremely low, but enough to pass the measure that will continue to help fund the Chambers County School District, schools in the town of Lanett, and county roads and bridges.

Chambers County Superintendent Casey Chambley said he appreciates those who came out to vote in favor of the tax used to help fund schools and roads and bridges in the county.

“Thank you very much! This shows great confidence in our county government,” Chambley said. to improve educational opportunities for our children. The money generated by this tax is an essential part of our budget. The overwhelming support for this tax shows that our citizens value their community and our children. Thank you, Chambers County.

In the Republican U.S. Senate runoff, incumbent Mo Brooks caved to Katie Britt, sending Britt to the November general election.

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