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Kamar Chambers won 821 votes, against Kimmy Hollingsworth-Gorden, 695, to represent Place 2 on the board of directors of the independent school district of Corsica, according to the unofficial results of the special elections on November 2.

“The election was stressful, but it was gratifying to see Corsicana speak the way he did on Tuesday night. People are thrilled to have someone who can speak for them on the board, ”said Chambers,“ I come from a low income community, it has given joy to a lot of people and gave hope that people have a voice in our community.

“Dr. Kent Rogers was a giant in this community and although I can never replace him, I plan to serve on the school board working for children and representing the community of Corsicana.

“Running for the school board was an honor,” Gorden said. “I appreciate everyone who helped and supported me. During the election, I had the opportunity to meet Kamar. He devoted a lot of time and energy to his campaign. The district is fortunate to have someone who is willing and able to wholeheartedly contribute to the community. I wish him the best and the greatest success on his new journey. Congratulations Kamar!

According to the Navarro County Elections Department, a total of 2,800 ballots were cast. Results are considered unofficial until votes are cast.

Voters in Navarro County also voted for or against eight proposed constitutional amendments, all of which were passed based on the results of unofficial statewide votes:

Proposition 1 (HJR 143)

The constitutional amendment allowing charitable foundations of professional sports teams of organizations sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association or the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association to hold charity raffles at rodeo venues.

For: 2380

Against: 394

Proposition 2 (HJR 99)

The constitutional amendment allowing a county to fund the development or redevelopment of transport or infrastructure in unproductive, underdeveloped or dilapidated areas of the county.

For: 1,661

Against: 1,117

Proposition 3 (SJR 27)

The constitutional amendment to prohibit that state or a political subdivision of that state from banning or limiting religious services by religious organizations.

For: 2,058

Against: 711

Proposition 4 (SJR 47)

The constitutional amendment modifying the conditions of eligibility for a judge of the supreme court, a judge of the criminal appeal court, a judge of an appeal court and a district judge.

For: 1,710

Against: 1,027

Proposition 5 (HJR 165)

The constitutional amendment granting additional powers to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in relation to candidates for judicial office.

For: 1,654

Against: 1,090

Proposition 6 (SJR 19)

The constitutional amendment establishing a right for residents of certain facilities to designate an essential caregiver for in-person visits.

For: 2,482

Against: 1,286

Proposition 7 (HJR 125)

The constitutional amendment to allow the surviving spouse of a person with a disability to receive a limitation on ad valorem taxes from the school district on the family property of the spouse’s residence if the spouse is 55 years of age or older at the time of the person’s death .

For: 2,495

Against: 272

Proposition 8 (SJR 35)

The constitutional amendment authorizing lawmakers to provide an ad valorem exemption from taxation of all or part of the market value of the homestead residential property of the surviving spouse of a member of the United States armed forces who is killed or fatally injured in the course of action.

For: 2,540

Against: 228


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