Chambers Partners With Google To Offer Spanish Website Training


WALLINGFORD – The Quinnipiac and Greater New Haven Chambers of Commerce and Google recently teamed up to deliver a virtual webinar in Spanish on website building and improvement.

People from Connecticut, New York and Puerto Rico gathered on a virtual platform to learn tips on the importance of having a useful website.

Grow with Google presenter Sixcia Devine led the hour-long presentation, which included information on how a website can help a business grow. She also provided details on brand and customer expansion, sales, hiring and tools offered by Google such as Google Analytics.

During Tuesday night’s presentation, Devine developed a website using Google tools and demonstrated tasks including attaching photos and videos.

Devine told the Record Journal that the Grow with Google initiative focuses on small businesses and improving digital skills. She is part of a team of 13 speakers who organize educational webinars across the country. Devine and another member of the speaker team are bilingual.

The Spanish webinars were launched to meet the needs of business owners who prefer to learn in their native language.

“The more opportunities we have to educate and train people in their language, mainly Spanish, it’s better for the community, it’s better for the economy, it’s better for mental growth and it helps people move forward, ”Devine said.

When asked if she thinks there is a lack of opportunities for the Spanish speaking community, she said the resources and opportunities are there but the problem is, those who deliver them don’t always know how to reach. the community.

“I think the intentions are there, there are the resources, but the lack of connectivity between the information and the people who need to get the information, there is a huge gap,” Devine said.

Ray Andrewsen, executive director of the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce, told the Record-Journal that the chambers have teamed up to offer the free webinar in Spanish with the aim of delivering content tailored to local businesses owned and managed by people. having Spanish as the main language. He said Chambers offered the same English content at an event last month.

Andrewsen explained that one of the benefits of running the webinar in Spanish is making the tools highlighted in the presentation more accessible.

“There are so many start-ups and existing businesses in Southern Connecticut and beyond where talented entrepreneurs who grow their businesses will thrive with strong websites and using the tools available from a business too. vast than Google, ”Andrewsen said.

To learn more about the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce, visit or call 203-269-9891.

The Grand New Haven Chamber of Commerce can be reached at or at 203-787-6735.

Nonprofits can request free training workshops in Spanish by contacting Devine at [email protected]

Nonprofits, universities, and chambers can request a Grow with Google speaker at

[email protected]: @KarlaSantosNews


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