Cheeky teens climb Edinburgh city chambers for TikTok video


Edinburgh teens who scaled a major building in the city center uploaded images of their dangerous escapades to social media.

The terrifying clip shows two young men, who appear to be in their mid-teens, gallanting atop the City Chambers building.

As reported by Edinburgh Live, the couple can be seen filming themselves on the roof of the local government building, with the video posted on their TikTok page.

City Chambers is a Grade A listed building where the Edinburgh City Council sits.

The boys are seen several floors higher, with a third person in the video spotted on one of the lower floors.

One of the teenagers capturing the footage waves a hand as he stands ominously near the edge of the building, while his pal poses casually on the other end.

It has not yet been revealed how the young boys ended up on the roof, as the City Chambers is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

The building entrance and courtyard have traditionally been busy with on-site security personnel to deal with any issues.

Teenagers filmed themselves on the roof of the City Chamber.

While the rear of the building is considered too strenuous and of an extreme height for two teenagers to casually climb up.

It is not known if this event is related in any way to others.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police were called at 6:10 pm on September 28, but police were not obliged to attend as the incident was no longer ongoing.”

Edinburgh City Council has been contacted for comment.

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