City Chambers to decide future of suspended Calton Community Council

A SUSPENDED community council in Glasgow’s East End may be disbanded due to ‘irreconcilable working relationships’ between members.

Councilors in Glasgow are being asked to consider the formal disbandment of the Calton Community Council (CCC) at a meeting on Thursday.

A report on the matter says there is a “standoff” among complaints about the “alleged conduct of certain members”.

The community council was first suspended in 2018 after a number of resignations left it with an insufficient number of members to carry out its activities.

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A “concerted effort” during this suspension “led to a significant increase in membership and a return to fully operational status.”

However, in July last year, the CCC was again suspended because it “was unable to function or fulfill its overall purpose of determining, coordinating and expressing the views of the community it represents”.

A number of complaints have been made to Glasgow City Council over the conduct of members and the “lack of correct procedures followed”.

The community council was placed under close surveillance before the suspension.

“It was made clear that the suspension should not be viewed as a punitive measure, but rather as an opportunity to revitalize the foundations of the CCC,” the report added.

A steering committee was set up, but members were told that if no progress was made within three months, then it would be recommended to the city council’s administration committee to support the formal dissolution of the community council.

The report says that after a steering committee meeting in August, it was “clear that there is an impasse which involves irreconcilable working relationships between some members of the community council.”

He adds, “Respect and objectivity between all parties is explicit in the Community Council Code of Conduct, and it is apparent that some Community Council members would be unable to meet this governance requirement for Community Councils.”

The “adherent community” has “demonstrated that it would not be able to comply” within three months. “This leads to the recommendation to formally disband the CCC in its current form.”

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