Climate protesters hang banners at Finnieston Crane and City Chambers in Glasgow


Climate change activists climbed the Finnieston crane and hung banners in Glasgow City Chambers as part of nationwide protests.

On Monday, members of Extinction Rebellion Scotland climbed the crane and hung a banner reading “Science, not silence” at Pacific Quay.

Police arrived at the site around 7 a.m. and expelled the activists, although no arrests were made.

The action is part of an international week of protests calling on governments and councils around the world to declare a climate emergency.

Protests are also expected in Edinburgh and London in Parliament Square on Monday morning.

Explaining the reasons for the protest, a member of Extinction Rebellion said: “We are just ordinary citizens and we want the council to act responsibly and save us from this accelerating disaster which could lead to severe flooding. and food shortages in Scotland and around the world.

“27 other UK councils have declared a climate emergency. Why not Glasgow?

In January of this year, around 40 Extinction Rebellion activists occupied the Scottish Parliament Debate Hall, staging a one-hour sit-in.

Daryl Tayar, another member of Extinction Rebellion, added: “I’m sure Robert Burns would have been happy to wear such a symbol – his poetry shows how much he loved the environment and of course how great his politics were. radical.

“He said it himself: ‘I am very sorry that the domination of Man has broken the social union of Nature.

“If he was alive today, he would ask city council to urgently declare a climate emergency.”

Glasgow City Councilor Anna Richardson said: “There is no doubt that Glasgow, like the rest of the world, is facing a climate emergency.

“The enormous challenge created by climate change is exactly why the council set up a task force and asked for recommendations on the way forward. I have already made a commitment to act on these recommendations.

“The members of Extinction Rebellion are part of our climate emergency task force. This gives them a real opportunity to contribute constructively to the carbon reduction debate and to influence what Glasgow does in the face of a global threat.

“Unfortunately, after their previous protest, precious time, money and resources were wasted when staff had to remove 80 meters of graffiti that had been plastered from the roads and sidewalks outside the rooms of the hotel. city.”

Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said: “It is great to see citizen action highlighting the threat posed by climate degradation.

“Unfortunately, all other parties voted against our proposal to declare a climate emergency last month in the Scottish Parliament.

“Only the Greens are ready to take the necessary measures to deal with the climate crisis.

“The people of Scotland will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to take the bold and urgent action required to tackle the climate emergency by electing Scotland’s first Green MEP.


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