Community honors life and legacy of Mrs. Flo Chambers

Our prayers are with the family of Mrs. Florence “Flo” Chambers who passed away April 1st at home surrounded by her daughters. Friends and family paid their respects to “Ms. Flo” on Sunday during visitation at the Ott & Lee Funeral Home. The following morning a memorial service was held at Ott & Lee where Rev. Joe Dyer officiated, and Constance Slaughter-Harvey paid tribute to Ms Chambers with a ‘closing argument’. The scripture was shared by Mrs. Liz Edmondson. A special Mass was held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church later in the afternoon with Father Adolfo Suarez Passillas officiating. All the tributes were beautiful and quite worthy of Mrs. Chambers. She was remembered as a loving person who was a true bridge builder between all communities. Before retiring, she was a trustee at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, where she was a strong pillar of that church. She also served our community at Forest Public School as an EFL instructor. Our prayers are with her children, Mark Anthony Chambers, Eva Renee Chambers-McLemore, Paula Felice Chambers and Mona Denise Chambers, and her grandson Justin Allen Chambers.

Our prayers are with the family of Mr. Kristen Benford, son of Mrs. Catherine Gilbert, who was killed on Saturday April 2 at Morton. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Our prayers are with the family of Mrs. Birlee Davis who transitioned on March 14. Memorial services were held March 26 at Homestead MB Church. Holifield Funeral Home has been entrusted with its final arrangements.

We are sorry to hear of the transition from Dr. Doris Derby, journalist/photographer, Georgia State University professor of anthropology, and activist, who recently published and published “A Civil Rights Journey.” A copy of this publication is on reserve at the WL/OK Slaughter Library. Our prayers are with her family, especially her husband, Dr. Bob Banks.

Please continue to remember, in your prayers, the family of the late Reverend Emmett C. Burns, Jr. The City of Baltimore honored him with remarks from Governor Lawrence Hogan, Mayor Brandon Scott, Congressmen Anthony Brown, Kweisi Mfume, Bennie Thompson, Jim Clyburn and others. The memorial service was viewed live. It was a beautiful and impressive farewell.

Please continue to remember our readers who are dealing with health issues, namely Bonnie Russell Hodge, LaToya McClendon, Violet Morgan, Gail Lee, London Thompson, Mitch and Mary Nichols, Tommy Joe Wash, Lamar Gatewood, Beverly Hollingsworth, Iris O’Neal Gray, Helen Akines, Lucille Flex, and other readers dealing with health issues.

During the last Sunday of Lent, parishioners at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Pastor Pasillas, reminded parishioners that we should work toward the main goal of going to heaven, rather than striving to accumulate material goods such as cars, houses and wealth. He encouraged us to heed St. Paul’s advice to get excited about seeing and being with the Lord. Easter is approaching and we should prepare for the resurrection of the Lord on Easter day.

Brett Hollingsworth shared the essence of the Ten Commandments with young Catholics (grades 5-8) after Mass. His class, which involved student participation, was most enjoyable and informative. He reached the students at their level and encouraged the participation of all students. Thanks to Brett for reaching out to our youth.

Members of Lynch Chapel UM church appreciated Pastor Shirley Wilder’s message. His subject was “Centered on the love of Jesus”. The scripture referenced was John 12:1-8.

The theme for the Little Rock MB church service sermon was “Stop trying to do it with your hands and do it with your faith”. The scriptures referenced were Colossians 1:12-13 and 1 Peter 2:9-10. When God created heaven and earth, He created an invisible kingdom and a visible kingdom. We try to fix too much on our own in the physical rather than letting our faith in the spiritual tear down what is already over in Heaven. Let faith respond, knowing that God has provided all your needs according to his riches in glory. God brought us out of darkness into his marvelous light. The enemy wants to keep us in darkness, which is the ignorance of not knowing. What we don’t know makes us vulnerable. We need to know that everything we need is finished and waiting for us to access it by faith. Once you receive a revelation from the Word of God, which is knowledge (light), then hell cannot prevail against you.

Don’t forget about the JSU fundraiser raffle to be held at Kat’s Kave on Thursday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m. There is still time to purchase your tickets from any Chapter member.

We enjoyed a visit from Bernadette Floyd who now works as a non-profit consultant in Jackson. She was one of our first student volunteers.

Thanks to Scott County Multi-County Executive Rosa Orellana for the invitation to attend a public hearing to learn about United Way’s Emergency Food and Shelter (UWEFS) program on March 31. in the conference room of the multi-county office. Multi-County CAA Executive Director Ron Collier was in attendance and explained the nature, requirements and eligibility of the program. Others present were Reverend OD Akines, Reverend Shirley Wilder, Mrs. Emma Reed, Mrs. Rosie Mabry, Constance Slaughter-Harvey, Esq., and Mrs. Catalina Herrera. We are so grateful for Multi-County’s help in empowering our community.

Happy birthday to babies born between April 8 and April 13, namely Judy Thompson, Olivia Wease, Sammie Futch and Ainsley Crosby (8) Lelea Figuerou, Odalis DeLeon, Candace Ford, HT Smith, James Moore and Bryson Norman (9), Gregory Ficklin and Larisa Moore (10), Debresha Qualls Macon and Deborah Mayers (11), Rico Jones (12) and Mrs. Martha Reed and Juana Gomez (13).

Answer to Women’s History Month Teaser Quiz #663: The late former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt broke the mold of what a First Lady could be. She was a strong advocate for the downtrodden during her husband’s presidency. After leaving the White House, she spent her final years continuing to advocate for human rights and pioneering work that still resonates today.

Quiz Teaser #664: Who was one of the first African American female school bus drivers in Scott County?

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