Compton voters got played by Michelle Chambers

In a hotly contested 2019 race, Michelle Chambers defeated Councilwoman Janna Zurita to represent the city of Compton District 1. Just over halfway through her first term, Michelle Chambers resigned her seat, and just as bizarre in a now-deleted comment on social media. media, momentarily changed his mind before his seat was declared vacant.

via the Compton Advocates Facebook page

Over the past year, Compton City Council has had to deal with numerous resignations and appointments of nearly half of its elected municipal officials.

In the last year (follow):

  • Former mayor Aja Brown abruptly decided not to run again
  • Shortly after newly elected mayor Emma Sharif and council member Jonathan Bowers took their seats, city manager Craig Cornwell’s expired contract was not renewed
  • City attorney named Damon Brown (appointed on the recommendation of then-mayor Aja Brown) who won a full term resigned within the first two months
  • Appointment of Lillie Darden to represent District 4 (formerly represented by current Mayor Emma Sharif)
  • Appointment of former Mayor Éric Perrodin as City Attorney (replaces D. Brown)
  • Appointment of City Manager Thomas E. Thomas
  • And now the resignation of Councilwoman Michelle Chambers

With burning daily community issues such as: street repairs, street takeovers, street lighting, closed parks, the fire department in dire need of resources and major repairs to their emergency equipment, and municipal staff small enough to hold a staff meeting in a phone booth; Compton council members plan to appoint a council member on April 5and Meet. Former board member Michelle Chambers made plans while packing with her family to tender her resignation in an open letter shortly after her seat was declared vacant; at the time of this article, this letter has not been published.

via Michelle Chambers’ Facebook page

Compton residents all seem to agree that the next member of council, to replace Michelle Chambers, should be someone who can help get Compton back on track with much-needed repairs and restoring services communities such as surrounding towns.

The burning question is who should it be?

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