Daytona, Urban and Hispanic Chambers Sign Partnership Agreement | New

Representatives from the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Volusia / Flagler County Urban Chamber of Commerce joined on October 19 to sign a memorandum of support.

Over the past few months, representatives from each organization have had conversations about how the local business community can be best served in a more unified and inclusive way. The Daytona Regional Chamber also signed an agreement with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Volusia the same day.

Nancy P. Keefer, President and CEO of the Daytona Regional Chamber, said her group’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is more than just words on a piece of paper.

“The partnership agreements are only a basis for laying the groundwork for working with various chambers of commerce to leverage strength in numbers and respect for culture,” Ms. Keefer said. “At the end of the day, we all want to have a strong business community. Keeping the business local and working together for the success of all businesses will result in a more prosperous community. “

The Urban Chamber is in start-up mode, but the Hispanic Chamber is well established.

“It’s exactly the same concept and the same collaboration for both agreements,” Ms. Keefer said. “We are very happy to showcase the true diversity of our business community in events and communications as we move forward. “

Daytona Regional Chamber President Len Marinaccio of Bomar Construction said in a press release: “We recognize that collectively we provide opportunities for businesses to engage in an inclusive atmosphere and look forward to continuing our collaboration. .

Dr Kennedy E. Jacobs Sr., president of the Urban Chamber, said his group had researched what other chambers in the county have done and why minority businesses are not part of regular chambers.

“What I found is that part of it is cultural competence,” said Dr Jacobs. “When we do business from my community, maybe there are different needs. We have started to see who the CEOs of Volusia and Flagler are and do we know them? I discovered that there was no directory for them. Many of them could not be found, as they were mom and pop stores. They had no platform to make people aware that they were there.

Raising awareness of urban businesses will be a major element of the collaboration.

“Imagine if the urban sector started to work together with chambers and local organizations and bring value to businesses, bring value to what we call a better environment because we are now building urban areas,” said Dr. Jacobs. “We are now tweaking the companies and business owners who can meet the demand that may exist in our region. This is one of the things that we really insist on trying to do. Most importantly, work with those who are already doing the job.

Dr Jacobs pointed out that although they are two different chambers with perhaps different agendas, at the heart of each is the desire for a better city, a better county and to be part of the change. equity. This valuing of diversity and building relationships is crucial.

“When we like each other, we can work together,” he said. “I think there are some wonderful things we can all do together to see a better community, better business leaders who are willing to do business in our region.

The Volusia Hispanic Chamber, established 10 years ago, has focused on helping businesses and organizations strategize, organize and grow. It emphasizes networking and education.

“We serve Volusia County and have expanded into Seminole and Flagler counties,” said Elsie Mendez, Speaker of the Hispanic Chamber. “It’s exciting. We’re working to unite the community so that anyone who wants to can do business in the Latin community. Businesses don’t have to be Spanish speaking (but) people who want to connect with that community. That is. why we can be all over the county.

The new partnership will increase the strength of the Hispanic chamber, she said. “We have a stronger presence on the west side, so being able to partner with Daytona Beach is amazing because our community is growing there.”

Members of the Hispanic Chamber will find it easier to participate in the activities of the Daytona Regional Chamber and vice versa.

“I think for diversity and inclusion it’s amazing,” Ms. Mendez said.

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