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The Bandicoot robot was acquired by the PWD via the National Institute of Oceanography

PANAJI: The State will soon begin testing for use the robot Bandicoot at disengage blocked sewers rooms, PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral said on Saturday. This will help end manual cleaning in Goa to eliminate suffocation bedrooms, he said. The minister also called on people to stop flushing unwanted items down the toilet.
He said that although the robot can help clean sewer chambers, there is still no mechanism to eliminate the use of human workers to unclog clogged sewer pipes.
“Just using the robot for the job is not enough. Pipes up to 20 m are clogged with these unwanted materials. It will take time for us to find another mechanism for this. I would like to appeal to people to be aware that it is not God who helps dissolve unwanted objects thrown by people in the toilet. It is a human being who must remove it manually. It is unclear who threw such items down the drain. It’s up to people to be more responsible,” Cabral said.
The Bandicoot robot, which completely eliminates human entry when cleaning manholes, was acquired by the PWD through Dona Paula’s National Institute of Oceanography (NIO). The machine was inaugurated last month by Cabral in Margao.
“A few days ago, the NIO provided us with a non-manual recovery machine. We will use it now. We are trying to introduce a mechanism by which at least the chamber can be cleaned by a robot,” Cabral said. “We have seen that when using the toilet, people throw different objects in the toilet, which should not be thrown in this way. In the end, it is a human being who must be employed to remove it “, otherwise the sewer chambers will choke. People need to be made aware.”
While the process of cleaning manholes requires human entry for effective cleaning, manholes are often deadly traps due to the harmful gases present inside.


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