Four Glasgow Conservative advisers are looking to swap the City Chambers for Holyrood.

More than half of the current Conservative group of town chambers have been selected as candidates for the Scottish Parliament election next May.

Having been elected to Glasgow City Council in 2017, growing the Conservative City Chambers group from one to eight, which was later reduced to seven when Tony Curtis left the party this year, they are looking to run for seats in Holyrood.

The four have been selected as candidates and are running for the seats where their current council quarters are located.

Two of them have already presented to Holyrood in 2016, a year before being elected councilors.

Given the majorities won by the SNP in 2016 and the Conservatives in third place in each of the seats, the four would be considered underdogs in the contests.

The Glasgow Times asked if they would step down as councilors and if they had a message for their current council voters.

The group leader, Thomas Kerr, is in Shettleston, where he is an advisor.

He came in third place in 2016 behind the SNP and Labor with 12% of the vote.

Linn adviser Euan Blockley stands in Cathcart, where the SNP has a 9,000 majority with the Tories for the third time last time.

Victoria Park councilor Ade Aibinu is running for Anniesland where the party was also third in 2016 and Newlands / Auldburn councilor Kyle Thornton is running for Southside against Nicola Sturgeon who has a majority of 9,600.

Mr Kerr did not say whether he would step down as an adviser if he managed to defeat Labor and the SNP.

He said: “The difference between myself and the councilors of other parties running for election to Holyrood is that I aspire to represent the same community that I already have the privilege of serving.

“Indeed, no Conservative Glasgow councilor disputes a constituency outside the city limits. This is in stark contrast to SNP advisers in Glasgow looking to parachute into seats as far apart as Argyll & Bute and Edinburgh Western.

“I was born and raised in the East End and never ran for office anywhere else.

“Win or lose in May, I will continue to represent Shettleston to the best of my ability.”

Euan Blockley said he would remain an advisor during the campaign, but if he won the seat he would resign as an advisor.

He said the campaign would give him the opportunity to give issues he currently deals with, like local funding, a bigger platform in an election in Holyrood.

He said: “I don’t think I could do the part-time job with a dual role. Too much is happening to do both. It’s an individual preference but I wouldn’t want to try to juggle the two.

“I try to represent the same people and some of them have asked me to stand up after fixing the problems for them. They are the same people where I live and where I was raised. I’m not planning on going anywhere.

Mr Thornton said: ‘I was born and raised in the south of Glasgow and I am proud to have helped hundreds of voters, to have secured investments for my neighborhood and to have held account to the minority administration of the SNP since my election to the Council in 2017. I will continue to work hard for my constituents throughout the election period and beyond.

Last week, the Glasgow Times reported that SNP advisers were looking to run for seats in Holyrood.

We intend to report on Labor and Green advisers looking to do the same in the coming weeks.

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