Heather Anstey-Myers to step down as CEO of Chambers Wales


Heather Anstey-Myers steps down as CEO of leading Chambers Wales group of companies

Over the past five years, Heather, as CEO, has played a key role in representing business interests to policy makers around the world and in supporting businesses of all sizes for their sustainable growth.

Ms Anstey-Myers said:

“It has been my immense privilege to support the business community and ensure that our customers receive valuable and consistent services throughout the challenges of a pandemic and the evolution of European commerce.

“My job at Chambers Wales has been extremely rewarding and I have enjoyed working with such a wide variety of companies and experts. I look forward to exciting new business ventures and thank all of our members for their support and contribution during my tenure in this position. “

Paul Slevin, chairman of Chambers Wales, said:

“Heather’s contribution to Chambers Wales and the support to our members over the past five years has been invaluable. She has supported and shaped the business community in Central and South Wales and I want to thank her for it. I wish him every success and future happiness.

Chambers Wales has helped hundreds of businesses market their goods and services globally and continue to bring together the best industry expertise and resources from around the world to enable Welsh businesses to grow.


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