Liberia: Representative Larry Youngoi – Speaker Chambers is overly protective

Nimba County District No. 8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi accused Speaker Bhofal Chambers of being overprotective of issues in the House.

However, Rep. Larry noted that the rules structured to govern the House give the Speaker absolute authority. So when letters are written to quote individuals to clarify government plans, he does not allow such letters to surface during the session.

Speaking to Hot FM recently, he said a letter had been written to Speaker Chambers quoting the finance minister to provide clarification on a pending government project, but the letter was rejected.

He said that if Speaker Chambers could decline a simple letter requesting the appearance of the Minister of Finance to brief the House on the government’s progress with the planned census, in which the international community is raising $16 million, and to provide clarification on three million United States dollars ($3 million) that Liberia has to contribute to the census, and then in addition a communication to bring in the director of police to respond to a recent situation at the capitol which left dozens of citizens oozing blood in the shape and the way they did.

Highlighting the recent situation, Tuesday, January 17, 2022, on Capitol Hill, Rep. Younquoi notes that under normal conditions, “you could put a communication on the floor for a deterrent so people know what was going on,” saying ” now a day the world has become so small because you have social media so if people block traffic it will show if others behave in a certain way it will show but if nothing such a thing happens and you just started firing tear gas or decided to bother people on Capitol Hill, there will be a way to find solutions and prevent it from happening again.”

He goes on to say that Speaker Chambers is trying to protect the government’s image, and because of its action, some legislators have intentionally decided to remain silent during sessions as if they are no longer interested in doing their job, which which he says is the problem. met at the Capitol.

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