The Hometown Holiday campaign, organized by four local chambers of commerce, is underway and encourages Peterborough County and the Kawarthas to support local businesses and stores located in the city and surrounding townships.

“I can understand that it’s a different experience in small communities – in the best way,” said Joel Wiebe, Peterborough Chamber. “When you go to the small communities around Peterborough County, you feel that quaintness that we love about these communities. “

While Wiebe recognizes the importance of local businesses in the City of Peterborough, he points out how unique small businesses located outside of the city can be.

“They don’t try to be a big city, you can be very connected with the people you buy from. There is a whole other level of community feeling, ”he said.

“Now more than ever, it is very important that people support the small businesses in their community so that businesses can continue to be there for the community in the future,” said Bernadette MacNeil, owner of Millbrook Mercantile.

The Millbrook Mercantile is a mix of retail and culinary products. They source locally where possible and provide everything from health and beauty to fine dining.

“Because we don’t have big box stores here, I think it’s very important that the community try to shop locally and then, if they need to, leave the big purchases for your Costco groceries – do the same. here and limit your purchases in larger stores.

“We are counting on the locals to keep going, because the chalet owners come all summer and then are just locals during the winter. We try to keep them happy as best we can and keep the shelves full, ”said Lynn Northup, Assistant Manager of Hardware for the Havelock House.

Located about 40 minutes from Peterborough and 15 minutes from Cambellford, small shops in Havelock may be the only option for some residents who cannot drive.

“We’re surrounded by small towns, but this city has so much to offer so if you don’t drive it’s the only place you can get most of your stuff, so we try to store as much as possible for you. that people have it option. “

Located between Lakefield and Peterborough is Garden Style Bridgenorth, a nearly 20-year-old business that attributes its success to supporting its community.

“The key element to local shopping is that you are supporting someone who lives in your community,” said Michelle Gay, owner. “If people don’t shop at these little stores, there won’t be any more, because we need our community members to keep our business going.”

Garden Style offers a wide range of decorative items, all aimed at being unique.

“Most of the people who shop here are people who live here or in the immediate vicinity – so these people rely on small stores because they don’t want to have to drive to town. So if you don’t don’t have these little stores, people should travel this journey to get what they need.We rely on our community to support our business.

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