Mark Chambers Jr announces his candidacy for 2nd Alderman District

By Milwaukee Courier Staff

Mark Chambers Jr.

Mark Chambers Jr. proudly announces his candidacy for Aldermanic’s 2nd District, formerly held by Mayor Cavalier Johnson, including Midtown, Capitol Heights, Columbus Park, Westlawn Gardens, Silver Spring, Silver Swan, Long View, Parkway Hills, Little Menomonee Parkway and parts of Hampton Heights neighborhoods.

Mark says: “The reason I chose to run was to bring about change, as a resident, as a father and as a member of the community. I lost my father to gun violence. One of my closest friends was killed because of reckless driving in that same neighborhood. At the same time, I remember seeing my grandmother, Mrs. Lula Mae Chambers, being the community organizer and the catalyst that brought everyone in the neighborhood together. I remember the block parties held in this neighborhood because they strengthen our sense of community. I have witnessed the good and the bad in the District, and because of that, I know the 2nd Aldermen’s District may be the beacon of hope it once was. To get there, we need to hold bad actors accountable, strengthen programs for our youth, and ensure that our landlords are not financially deprived of their homes.

Professionally, Mark is a business consultant for Community Related Training (CRT) in Milwaukee. He is also a member of the Greater Milwaukee African American Business Resource Group (GMAABRG) and an advisor to Governor Evers’ Financial Literacy Council, where he continues to teach financial literacy courses to members of his community.

Mark Chambers, Jr is a longtime resident of the 2nd District, having grown up in the Westlawn section of the Alderman’s Area. He graduated from Bay View High School in 2004 and has over 10 years of professional experience in the financial industry. Additionally, Mark is pursuing his college education at Concordia University in Business Management.

Mark’s issues:

Crime and Public Safety

In a recent poll for the last mayoral race, 91% of residents of the 2nd arrondissement believe that reckless driving, carjackings and burglaries are a serious problem. “As a parent, I have the same feelings because I believe that my children and everyone else’s children should be safe in their neighborhood. We need the collaboration of law enforcement, community members and business leaders to take back our streets and hold bad actors accountable for their actions.

We need to strengthen and create more block watch groups across the district. But we also need to invest resources to tackle the root causes of crime like poverty and homelessness. This will require the support of the State of Wisconsin, and my relationships with Madison political actors allow me to have effective future collaborations and deliver results for our district,” Mark said.

Investing in our youth

Chambers said, “Growing up in public schools in Milwaukee, programs such as fine arts and music had a significant impact on my life. Many of these programs are lacking at this crucial time for our young people. As Alderman, I will work in partnership with various education stakeholders, community groups and the MPS administration to bring back programs focused on the positive betterment of our youth.

My life experiences and work in the financial industry have taught me the importance of financial literacy. Through financial literacy, I meet people from all walks of life, and it’s obvious that some of life’s financial challenges can be avoided through education and preparation. It must start with our youth. Our young people deserve to be better prepared, and as Alderman, I will provide resources and be a resource for them, so they are equipped to become the future leaders of Milwaukee. I will create a city council on financial literacy for young people.

Economic stability of the district

Milwaukee in 2021 had one of the highest property tax rates in the United States. Property appraisals have recently come out with record jumps in appraisal values. “We should not impose property taxes on property owners who have lived in their homes for long periods of time that rob them of their homes. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we need to establish true tax fairness not just for 2nd District voters, but for all City of Milwaukee taxpayers,” Chambers said.

The primary election will take place on August 9, 2022. The general election will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

To learn more about Mark and his campaign, visit his Facebook page: Mark Chambers MKE for Alderman and on his website at

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