National and State Chambers Back Young Against Stutzman for Senate | Local News

Representatives from the Indiana and United States Chambers of Commerce made a stopover in Terre Haute on Wednesday to support Todd Young in the Republican primary election for the United States Senate.

Young, R-Bloomington, now US Representative for 9th District, is running against Marlin Stutzman, US Representative for 3rd District. Candidates are vying for the GOP nomination to succeed retired Senator Dan Coats, R-Ind. The winner will face Democrat Baron Hill in the fall; Hill is unopposed in the primary.

Rob Engstrom, the national political director of the United States Chamber of Commerce, announced the approval at a press conference at the offices of Thompson-Thrift Development. Young voted with the US House’s position on House legislation 91% of the time, while Stutzman did so 78% of the time, he said.

“Our members face an unprecedented threat from Washington, DC, and in particular from this administration (Obama),” Engstrom said. In the regulatory arena, government agencies make it difficult for chamber members “to do what we do best – create jobs.” … It is time to vigorously defend the American free enterprise system.

Young played a leadership role in dismantling Obamacare, he said. “It’s a question of leadership. It is about governing. He is a coherent and constructive curator. In addition, Young is a candidate “who has the capacity to win a political election,” Engstrom said.

The American House puts its money where its mouth is. A disclosure report from the Federal Election Commission says the US House is spending $ 1 million on Young Stimulus ads for the GOP primary, according to the Indianapolis Star Washington Bureau.

Indiana House Deputy Speaker Caryl Auslander brought the group’s approval to Terre Haute on Wednesday.

“The chamber hears our members every day talking about the cumbersome federal regulations and the uncertainty they bring and the bottleneck they put on job creation,” she said. “We know Todd Young understands this and is ready to do something about it.”

Young, also at the press conference, said the United States needs “regulatory reform, we need tax reform, we need to open up foreign markets” for Hoosier products, services and manufactures. .

Yet he also noted, “We still have rhetorical conservatives in Washington who are not focused enough on getting the job done. He said if elected he would work to create an atmosphere “conducive to the growth of our economy.”

Stutzman sought US House approval last year, Engstrom said. “A lot of people can say they’re conservative. It’s about getting results and building a lasting relationship.

Young “is an effective defender. I think it’s important to know who is best placed to face the Democratic candidate, ”Engstrom said.

After the approvals, Young was asked whether the Senate should act on President Obama’s appointment to the United States Supreme Court. Young thinks the Senate should wait until a new president is elected.

When asked if he would support Donald Trump if Trump were the Republican presidential candidate, Young said, “I intend to support the Republican candidate.”

Stutzman has been backed by political branches of the Tea Party FreedomWorks group and the Conservative Club for Growth, according to media reports.

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