Offensive regroups after change of coaching staff


Q: We spent so much time talking about the offense. Statistically, defense is similar to offense. Do you have discussions that are, for lack of a better word, so intense about defense and what you can do to improve yourself?

Judge: “We evaluate every part of our organization every week. “

Q: We talked a lot about (security) Julian (Love) last week and how he replaced Logan (Ryan, who is on the Reserve / COVID-19 list). How do you think Julian played?

Judge: “I think Julian has done some good things in the game. Overall, like we said last week, it wasn’t good enough, but there are some bright spots that it is. support. I’m happy with the way Julian is working and preparing. He will obviously continue to play a role for us on this team. “

Q: At the same time, it’s very unusual not to have Logan in the field. Did you miss Logan last week?

Judge: “I’ve said it a few times, you want to have all your players. We have lost a number of players in this team, captains and important players over the course of the year. It’s our job to do. having the players prepared, and their job is to step up and run. Whatever the reason someone is not available, whether it’s illness, injury or whatever, we have to prepare everyone, the next man.

Q: (Linebacker) Quincy Roche was inactive the first two games after coming in, but he’s played 50 snaps each of the last three games. What specifically does he give you that you love so much?

Judge: “I like the fact that he’s a high traction guy who has good strength. He has good instincts in the racing game. strength and hold in the running game, but he’s really learning the techniques and how to use his body in those techniques. This allowed him to be more productive. He’s a guy who throughout his career has been sort of seeing the ball, getting the ball. It’s productive, and it helped him. However, you have to continue to be consistently productive and truly become a technician. I see him improving throughout the year. I’ve seen that jump in recent weeks, and I see the production that follows. “

Q: League matter: the road team swept away all three Thanksgiving games. Home teams have seven games under .500 this season. Why do you think the home advantage is disappearing?

Judge: “I really don’t have an answer to that. These are things that we looked at. We think more internally in terms of different factors, how we set a schedule for our own team, the schedule of a match , home and away schedule leading up to games, and things of that nature. I would only guess an answer to that. I think last year, obviously with the COVID situation and empty stadiums, it has eliminated a lot of the road noise, distractions, or things like that, but I don’t think there’s a single reason for the 32 teams. “

Q: The Eagles have changed their offense this season. In their first seven games, they averaged 34 assists and 23 points. In their last four games, it’s 43 points and only 20 assists. Does your defense need to change against such an intensive racing team?

Judge: “No, obviously we have a different game plan every week depending on who we play. The focus remains on stopping what they’re doing well. Obviously, Philadelphia is doing a lot of things right. Their offense is really improving and playing at a high level right now. It’s really fueled and started with the running game. So there are a lot of teams that we have played this year that have been heavy, some heavy pass, and some teams, like the Raiders, have been very balanced. So depending on who you play, you need to make sure you approach the game plan accordingly. “

Q: (Neighborhood) Jalen Hurts rushed for three touchdowns last week. Does that put extra pressure on the defense when they have to factor in the quarterback every play as a potential runner?

Judge: “I think it’s a very important part of the game. There are now more athletic quarterbacks in the league than there were in the past. There are also different skills of runners. You’re obviously talking about (the Ravens “) Lamar Jackson, who’s as athletic and productive as he can get. Then there are other elements of guys who are more traditional passers, who still have the ability to shoot the ball, to run. and being very productive. There are different shapes and sizes of these guys, and there are different skills. I think coaches do a good job of identifying what is effective with their skills, and they use them. I don’t think the mindset is really the same. Previously you would do whatever you can not to lead your quarterback. You avoided situations to get them to touch. Everyone now finds out that these guys have played in high school and college before running, it’s a natural part of the games. They’ve been so effective because of the way they do it.

“I think specifically with Jalen, you look at what he’s been doing throughout his career in high school, college, and now in the pros it’s the same game for him. I’m not saying all games are the same, but it’s the same kind of game for him. He can use his skills. He can run, he can throw, he can think on his feet, and he can move and put pressure on you, so there Certainly has a different element that you need to consider. That being said, you still have guys like (Buccaneers quarterback) Tom (Brady) who are as efficient as they can be sitting in the pocket. to use their legs. However, we just saw last week that when the lanes open up he can run. He can move forward, get the necessary yards, slide and descend. It all depends on how you play in function. strengths of your players. I think a lot of coaches are doing a good job now. ant by playing for their players’ strengths, using their quarterback’s ability to run. This is something that we have also exploited with Daniel. It’s something that it’s a force. ”

Q: For many years they had (tight end) Zach Ertz. They don’t have it now, but they seem to have made up for it with a lot of different weapons. Would you agree with that?

Judge: “I think (Dallas tight end) Goedert did a really good job. Obviously I’m not going to go into their personal decisions, but to move on from a guy like Ertz you have to be comfortable. with the guys you have. Goedert has been a good tight end. He is really becoming a top player. Then there are a lot of explosive players on the perimeter. You talk about (wide receivers DeVonta ) Smith, (Quez) Watkins and (Jalen) Reagor. I mean, these guys are explosive players. Along with the full backs, (Miles) Sanders and Boston Scott are really really good players. (Starting Jordan) Howard is a really good player too, he just got injured. They ‘We have a lot of dynamic playmakers. Then you throw the quarterback over with his legs and ability to stretch him, and everyone’s in. point of attack in each play. “

Q: You faced a really good offensive line on Monday night. Do you think the Eagles’ line is tied with that one as well?

Judge: “I think (running game coordinator / offensive line coach) Jeff (Stoutland) does a great job coaching the line over there. He’s been solid for a long time. I worked with him in Alabama for several years. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a friend of mine so we’ve kept in touch over the years and we communicate a lot. I think he’s done a really good job through various systems and programs that he’s been a part of in this organization. He continues to evolve and adapt to the players around him and adapt to the offensive pattern accordingly. I think he does a good job with everyone he has the chance to coach. Jeff is a great trainer. “

Q: Defensively they still have a lot of familiar names, like (defensive tackle) Fletcher Cox, (defensive end Derek) Barnett and (back corner Darius) Slay, but a lot of their contributions come from guys we haven’t heard from. . lots of things in the past like (linebacker) TJ Edwards, (defensive tackle Javon) Hargrave and (linebacker Alex) Singleton.

Judge: “I’ve known a lot about these guys for a while, to be honest with you, but I think Hargrave is definitely a problem on the inside. This guy is extremely powerful. He’s very fast, he has a good instinct. He’s very disruptive and productive on the inside. He’s a guy you turn on the tape, and he jumps. Having him and Fletcher inside is definitely a two-headed monster. Then Singleton is a guy I’ve known personally for a while now. We actually had him in a rookie minicamp a few years ago, and got to know him personally and get a glimpse of his skills. Now , competing against him, he’s a guy who really plays with his athleticism and high motor skills. He can find the ball, he’s very active. He’s a guy who has contributed a lot to the kicking game and to the defense, therefore space is not something that belongs to it. tidy. He plays this game really well, so they have a lot of good players, really. They did a great job bringing together a lot of talent there. Really, we would expect a team as talented as it is successful to be very successful. “

Q: Slay has three touchdowns in the last four games, all quite long. Should we be aware of its ability to do so?

Judge: “You absolutely have to do it. He’s playing very confident and aggressive right now. I think it’s something that when players sort of taste like ‘blood in the water’, they really start to jump on things and play aggressive. You have to be aware of where he is on the field because he’s a point guard. He’s been a point guard for quite some time. “

Q: With their specialists, (kicker Jake) Elliott is having a great year, but the guy who doesn’t get a lot of attention and could have more special teams tackles than anyone in the league is (the linebacker) Shaun Bradley. Do you often see it appear on tape?

Judge: “Yeah, Shaun is playing really fast. He’s very active with the ball. He’s one of the best tackles for a reason. He’s one of the best covering specialists in the league. I remember that. guy coming out of college. He was on a list of guys that came out that year from the same school (Temple). You kind of looked at them, and they all stood out, but he definitely stood out You can see that this guy is really going to be a good player. He’s going to take a while to grow and develop and stuff, and he really did it. He did a really good job.

Q: Finally, everyone remembers the last game of the season last year where the Eagles didn’t try to win, which cost the Giants a shot at winning the NFC East. Are there any lingering feelings about it, or did you raise this this week?

Judge: “No, nothing that happened last year is relevant to everything that is going to happen on Sunday.”


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