Revealed: The best rooms for quality work 2022

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The role of a solicitor is rarely boring, working on absorbing cases at the forefront of the law – but which chambers stand out from the rest?

As part of legal cheekAs part of the exclusive survey of over 600 junior lawyers, we asked recruits from the bars of the main sets of England and Wales to rate how challenging their work was. Respondents then rated their rooms for quality of work on a sliding scale of one to ten – with one defined as “not at all challenging” and ten as “very challenging”.

We have compiled the responses and can reveal a shortlist of 16 chambers, praised for the quality of their work. Below are the results listed in alphabetical order:

Best Rooms for Quality of Work 2022

4 New Square
4 Pump Yard
5 Essex Court
Black Stone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Crown Office Rooms
Fountain Court Chambers
Gatehouse rooms
Restoration chambers
Littleton Chambers
Matrix chambers
quadrant rooms
Rooms at the Sergeants’ Inn
Court of Serle
Wilberforce Rooms

The 2022 Chambers Most List – with the legal cheek Full survey results

As part of this year’s survey, we also received hundreds of anonymous comments from junior lawyers about the quality of their work. Here is a selection of those from some of the rooms listed above:

How stimulating is the work you do?

“It’s varied, interesting, complex, substantial and often quite sensitive. There are never two identical cases. »

I do a mix of different types of work, and the variety makes it interesting. As my practice grows year on year, I find myself doing more and more interesting and engaging work, and I feel that Chambers really helps me grow as a practitioner.

“Although I am a junior, I regularly intervene in cases that make the news. Legally, the work is fascinating: often dealing with arcane torts and statutes, with an incredibly wide range of factual situations”

“You really do get the best of both worlds: one day you might be up against a Magic Circle business set; the next adviser on a complex Chancery case.

“The work is generally very interesting, with interesting cases for reputable firms from the start. The work typically combines interesting factual issues (with associated factual disputes) with intellectually engaging and often complex legal arguments. The ability to conduct multi-day trials right from the start of practice is a great way to cut your teeth.

“I am constantly struck by the fact that we are in a rare profession that is not ‘mainly administrative’.”

Aspiring students in the above elite sets should be aware of the Pupillage Gateway, the centralized system for submitting your application for Pupillage, closes Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

The winner of this category will be announced at legal cheek Awards 2022, sponsored by BARBRI, on Thursday March 24, 2022.

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