Senate candidate Gary Chambers dispels Herschel Walker and RBG | Elections

US Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr. has said the solution to the US Supreme Court’s anti-abortion ruling is to add more justices to the court.

If President Joe Biden doesn’t, he faces a major challenge if he runs for office in 2024, Chambers, a Baton Rouge Democrat, said on a nationwide radio show. national on Tuesday.

Encouraged by one of the three black hosts, Chambers also called the Republican Party “the Klan” and said Herschel Walker, the former NFL running back who is running for Senate in Georgia, “is just a black-faced Klansman. That’s it.”

Chambers’ comments on The Breakfast Club, a popular New York radio show, add further evidence that he has staked out the left end of the political spectrum as one of three Democrats contesting the re-election of U.S. Senator John Kennedy, a Republican. The primary is on November 8, with a second round on December 10 if necessary.

The other two Democrats are Luke Mixon, a former Navy fighter pilot who now flies for Delta Air Lines. He has the endorsement of Governor John Bel Edwards.

Mixon declined to comment on Chambers’ remarks.

The other Democrat is Syrita Steib, executive director of Operation Restoration, which tries to help women find jobs and housing after they leave prison.

“Like Senator Kennedy, attention-getting comments have characterized Chambers’ political career,” Steib said in a statement. “Whether it’s calling Herschel Walker a ‘black-faced Klansman,’ calling for Biden primacy, or misleading voters by painting false images about his past election, my opponent is more concerned with the inflammatory comments on national radio and television than taking any real steps to improve the lives of Louisiana families.

“This election should not be about who can make the most noise or cause the most controversy. It should be about electing candidates with the experience and drive to make Louisiana a better place for everyone.

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Chambers has been the most prominent Democrat in the race so far thanks to his provocative actions. In an online ad, he smoked marijuana and called for the decriminalization of petty drug possession. In another, he burned a Confederate flag and spoke out against a history of racism in the United States. In a third, he used a handgun to shoot cutouts of Klan figures.

During the radio interview, Chambers said he could defeat Kennedy by energizing voters who stayed home in previous elections.

He denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying, “I can’t tell if it’s 2022 or 1873… That’s the first step. Every black and brown person – if white men take away the rights of their own wives and daughters, what about you?

The solution, Chambers added, “is that we have to pack the pitch.”

He noted that changing Senate rules to overcome a Republican filibuster and add more justices would require Biden’s support.

“If we don’t see what we want, then he needs to be challenged in 2024,” Chambers said. “He needs to be primary.”

Yet when asked by one of the hosts why people should vote for Biden again, Chambers replied, “Even on his worst day, he’s better than the other garbage we have.”

Chambers also had little to say about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon who voted consistently for women’s rights, workers’ rights and other Democratic causes for 27 years as a Supreme Court justice – but is then died in 2020 at age 87. This gave President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the opportunity to replace her with Amy Coney Barrett of Metairie, who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and has sided with the Conservative majority in several other major cases this year.

Ginsburg “should have retired,” Chambers said, when President Barack Obama could have replaced her with a like-minded judge. “She stayed on the pitch for selfish reasons in my opinion. And nobody wants to say that. Did she do great things while she was on the pitch? Yes, but a broken clock can be right two times a day.

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