Striking janitors prepare to protest in Glasgow City Chambers over health and safety concerns at primary schools


The striking Glasgow school janitors will demonstrate outside the City Chambers tomorrow after claiming health and safety were in jeopardy at the primary school.

Tomorrow will be the 18th day of phased strikes, involving Cordia employees who work in communal primary schools, over the past three months.

About 130 elementary school janitors say they deserve more money for messy jobs or heavy lifting, and the union said they should be entitled to payment for work context and demands, ranging from £ 500 to £ 1,000 per year.

Unison says schools are left open and unattended during strikes, which is a major health and safety issue.

Unison Branch Officer Sam Macartney said, “Our jannies deserve justice. Glasgow City Council treats them with contempt and also tolerates unacceptable health and safety risks in our schools.

“We want to find a solution. The council’s current approach is both bizarre and untenable.

The janitors, who are members of the Unison union, will be outside the rooms from 9:30 a.m., with a public demonstration called at 12:30 p.m. At noon, a return parade for the soldiers upon their eight-month return to Kabul, Afghanistan, will be held in George Square.

However, a spokesperson for Unison said the planned janitor’s protest would continue but “would have come reasonably close”.

A council spokesperson said: “We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children and school staff in Glasgow.

“School principals are responsible for health and safety, custodians are not. For UNISON, to suggest that there are more and more “health and safety issues” in schools is irresponsible.

“The board proposed a review of janitorial services that was accepted by other unions. To date, although it has said it wants to negotiate, UNISON has not accepted our offer of a review. “


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