Sydney City Council is refurbishing its aging chambers

Sydney Waverley The Council has proposed a multi-million dollar renovation of its Bondi Chambers building, designed by Lahznimmo, with Antelope and landscape architects Black Beetle.

The original council chamber was built in 1913 and throughout the last century has undergone a series of ad hoc alterations and additions.

The council says the building is “end of life” and a number of urgent repairs are needed, along with asbestos removal and fixing water leaks, poor insulation and lack of accessibility.

In 2019, the council decided that instead of carrying out sporadic repairs to the building, it would instead refurbish the entire facility “to make it more efficient”.

The Waverley Council Chambers Renovation Project by Lahznimmo, Antelope and Black Beetle.

The design includes a double-height foyer that will provide space for informal meetings and displays, a new roof with solar panels that will generate power for the facility, and an internal renovation that would eliminate asbestos, improve the accessibility and replace inefficient building services.

The renovation will also see the forecourt extended with improved facilities for the public, and the street facade redesigned with a design that references the colors and textures of the nearby coastal cliffs.

The design aims for a high level of sustainability to reduce the board’s carbon footprint, in line with the board’s goal of becoming net zero by 2030.

The board is seeking community feedback on the design until May 4.

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