What is Direct Lender Loans?

What is Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are lender who lends cash to a customer directly, and without no intermediaries. Direct loans enable those who take the loan to communicate directly with the lender who will lend them the funds. This results in a smoother procedure and also a more clear as well as more intimate relationship between lender and the borrower.

We at Citrus Nort are direct payday lenders. Therefore, it is possible to apply for loans directly from citrus north and we’ll loan the funds directly to you prior to the next payday. There is no middleman No hassle, just an easy, straightforward, one-to-one process.

Direct Lenders Payday Loans Direct Loans

When you apply for payday loans it’s usually because you need urgent cash typically for an emergency. Since we are direct lenders for payday loans can provide you with a quick simple, secure and safe procedure that will ensure that you get your money within the shortest amount of time. In contrast to traditional payday loans, you don’t need to pay the full amount on payday. You can spread the repayments over the course of six months to meet your needs.

Why should you choose Payday Loans Direct Lenders?

Timeframes – A short-term loan through direct lenders can be significantly quicker since there is no need be waiting around for kind of approvals by third parties or approval of the application. So after your direct loan is accepted by the lender directly, they will make the payment right immediately to, for instance to keep you going until the next payday.

Privacy – When you use direct lending your personal data is not shared with many individuals, which increases your privacy. Brokers and other indirect lenders could give your information to several companies in order to get your direct loan request approved because they’re not able to offer the loan itself, which means your personal information could be shared with an array of unknown businesses at the same time.

Lower fees – When you take out direct lender loans you may see a reduction in costs involved since you don’t need the assistance of intermediaries or third party who can introduce you to your direct lender.

A simpler process – Dealing directly with your lender can make the process more simple, especially when applying for the loan online. It’s easier and more transparent communications since you can speak to the lender directly should you need any aspect that is explained more specific detail. There is also no waiting to receive approval of the loan request. Also, once you’ve received your loan , you’ll know who to speak to should you need to ask questions or have concerns regarding you loan later on.

Direct Lender Vs. Broker

The main difference of a lender who is direct and the broker is that with a direct lender you make an application for a loan and then receive the funds directly from the lender, while with a broker, you submit your personal details to them and they enter your information into their database and are waiting for a response from a variety of lenders.

When you use a direct lender, such as buffa, there’s no additional fees, so opting for Direct lender loan will guarantee that you are aware of what you’ll need to pay back and when. If you’re experiencing problems with debt, instead of speaking to a broker, you can get advice through StepChange, National Debtline or Money Advice Service.

What exactly is a direct loan? work?

Complete Application Simple Application

First, you’ll need inform us of the amount you’d like to borrow for the direct loan and also how long it will take to repay it. We’ll also require some details from you, such as contact information as well as income and expenses, and the details of your bank account.

Take a Quick Decision

Learn immediately whether your direct request for a loan has been accepted or not or if we have to conduct additional tests to make a final decision. Buffa is an honest lender, therefore should we be able to grant an loan to you at this moment, we’ll also be clear about the amount you’ll need to pay back and the time frame for repayment.

Choose What You Would Like to Do Next

If we’ve told you that we could give you a loan direct on the basis of your application or that we’ll need to conduct additional examinations before giving you a final decision It’s your choice as to what you’d like to do. If you’re content with our direct loan proposal or want us to finish one final check against your request, it’s as simple as pressing an icon.

Cash Payed

After you’ve made the decision to go through our direct loan offer or allowed us to finish our final application checks We can guarantee that we’ll deposit your direct loan in your bank account once you’ve been accepted in full. There’s no waiting, and no hurdles to climb Just cash your bank within 5 minutes.


You can be sure that we’ll remain completely honest to you regarding installments of repayment, meaning you’ll be aware of the exact amount you’ll have to pay back and when you need to pay it off prior to deciding to apply for one of our loans to direct lenders. They’re not just typical payday loans, which means you do not have to pay to when you are paid You can take out the loan over up to six months.

Why choose Citrus North as your Direct Lender?

Direct Loan Decisions Immediately

We’ll not let you wait to see if you are eligible for our loan. You will receive an instant decision on whether we will accept, deny or need to conduct additional examinations of your application.

There is no impact on your Credit Score

Apply for your loan with us with confidence knowing that it won’t affect your score on credit. We’ll offer you a preliminary decision without any commitment on your part without any negative effect for your credit.

Transparency, No Hidden Costs

We are proud to be open and transparent regarding our direct loan and you’ll be aware of the amount you’ll have to repay and when you’ll be able to accept the loan direct. If we say there are no fees are included, we will mean it. There are no late payment charges or loan arrangement fees and there are no hidden costs. Ever.

Flexible Repayment Options

Since our loans are adaptable and tailored to your personal needs You can pay back anytime. If you’d like to make overpayments or early repayments against your loan in order to make savings on your costs of interest, it’s right. If you’d prefer the peace of mind of knowing how much you’ll need to pay back each time and on a specific payment date every month It’s also fine. It’s your loan and you’re able to repay it in the way you want.

Poor or damaged credit is considered

We are convinced that no one should be hindered from living their lives due to an impaired or bad credit score. We’ll consider every direct loan application according to their merits, and will strive to give you loans, no matter your credit score.

Cash is paid in minutes

Do you require a direct loan urgently? Apply on the website of buffa by filling out an online form, and once it is approved, funds will arrive in your account in only a matter of minutes. There are no delays, just fast and easy access to your funds.

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