WNO results: Izaak Michell submits Kyle Chambers after 2 hours to win ‘Who’s Next’

Izaak Michell became the Season 1 “Who’s Next” champion when he submitted Kyle Chambers after over two hours of wrestling.

On Thursday, July 14, Izaak Michell and Kyle Chambers faced off in a no-time limit match for the inaugural “Who’s Next” title. The match was the culmination of FloGrappling’s new competition reality show “Who’s Next”; Michell and Chambers both beat three opponents on the show to earn their place in the finals.

Michell found dominance early, switching to a body triangle off Chambers’ back just three minutes into the game. Michell attacked steadily, but Chambers defended and finally managed to break away from the position about six minutes later. Again Chambers would escape and the pattern would repeat several times with Michell generally dominating the positional battle, alternating between mount and back control. For his part, Chambers conserved his energy, defended his neck well and used effective escapes to avoid submission danger.

One of the most dramatic moments came at 49 minutes, when Michell launched an attack from an inverted triangle, threatening both choke and arm attacks. Chambers slipped out of position and immediately went on the offensive, slamming Michell to the mat.

From there, the match continued in a predictable pattern of Michell attacking from a commanding position while Chambers defended.

At 98 minutes, Chambers attacked a deep triangle choke, the closest submission attempt up to that point. Moments later, the match was paused so that Gordon Ryan and Pedro Marinho could hold their match for the vacant WNO heavyweight title.

The finish came nearly 30 minutes later. With Michell attacking from the mount, Chambers attempted to escape, leaving his arm behind Michell to secure a prone armbar, concluding the more than two hour contest.

WNO: Who’s Next final results and highlights:

Main board

Preliminary map

  • Mike Rakshan beats. Spencer Fossier by Camel Crush
  • Max Hanson beats. Fabian Ramirez via split decision

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