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Dubai – International Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Chamber co-organize the 12th edition of the Congress under the theme Generation Next: Chambers 4.0

The Dubai Chamber played a crucial role in ensuring business continuity by creating new channels of cooperation between the public and private sectors as it faced disruption and new challenges. – Photo file

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Posted: Wed Oct 6, 2021, 6:39 PM

Emerging opportunities and trends in the post-Covid digital age will be in the spotlight at the 12th World Chambers Congress in Dubai, where chamber leaders and members, prominent business leaders and experts from the industry will come together to share their views and experiences on managing disruption and improving their preparedness for future challenges.

The three-day event, organized under the theme Generation Next: Chambers 4.0, will feature over 44 engaging sessions designed to tackle the pressing issues facing chambers of commerce today, promote knowledge sharing, present insights successful examples of innovation and digital fitness testing of rooms.

Plenary sessions on the first day of Congress will examine how Chambers can function as a single global movement to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving business world, the digital revolution and the possibilities it brings, remote working and hybrid events. increased international cooperation in the “new era of Chambers 4.0”.

Day one will also see a panel of industry experts share how they’ve made digital disruption work for their businesses in a session titled Fit for Digital. During this interactive session, delegates can test their digital fitness using a tool specifically designed for the # 12WCC.

A two-part session later today addresses the overall theme of the event, exploring, in part one, how chambers can prepare for Chamber Model Innovation. The second part shows how chambers can identify strengths and weaknesses and achieve common goals. It turns theory into practice, outlining the steps needed to scale from Chambers 3.0 to Chambers 4.0.

Day two plenary sessions will examine how Chambers can adapt to be relevant to Gen Z, which is expected to be the most disruptive generation. A session on building business resilience answers the question of how businesses and chambers can restructure existing models and human capital to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and work with various actors in the public and sector sectors. private sector to ensure business continuity and improve economic competitiveness.

Sessions on the third and final day of Congress will challenge delegates to rethink their current approach to problem solving and think about innovative solutions that can add value not only to chamber members, but to their economies and societies. respective.

The Congress ends with a handover ceremony during which the Dubai Chamber will highlight the teachings of # 12WCC before officially passing the baton to the co-organizer of the 13th World Chambers Congress: the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and services from Geneva.

Commenting on the upcoming Congress, Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber and President of the ICC World Federation of Chambers, stressed the importance of hosting the 12th WCC in Dubai, describing the Congress as a flat -Ideal shape for chamber leaders to expand their knowledge, connect with industry experts and develop new action plans to improve their business models and competitiveness.

“The keen interest we have seen as we approach # 12WCC reflects a growing awareness within the global chamber of commerce community, which is rapidly realizing the importance of investing in cutting-edge technologies and adopting innovation to adapt to the changing needs of member companies, ”said Buamim.

Buamim noted that the Dubai Chamber has played a crucial role in ensuring business continuity by creating new channels of cooperation between the public and private sectors as it faces disruption and new challenges, while keeping up with the evolving needs of our 275,000 members, adding that the Dubai Chamber looks forward to sharing its experience and learning from other Chambers who have reinvented their approach in the age of Covid.

John WH Denton, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce, said: “Addressing global challenges in the digital and post-COVID world requires new forms of leadership, including from chambers of commerce. After two years of preparation, Congress will provide the chamber and businesses with the knowledge and tools to effectively meet the needs of the real economy, enable a resilient post-pandemic recovery, and enable more widespread peace and prosperity for all. “

The World Chambers Congress brings together eminent leaders and brilliant minds to spur change through dialogue and cooperation. With 80 speakers moderating over 44 sessions, the event traditionally attracts over 1,200 international delegates from over 100 countries.

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